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Arvind Kaul, B. Tech. (IIT-K), M.B.A. (IIM-B, Gold Medalist). He is a trainer and management consultant with rich and varied experience of over two decades in industry. Recipient of the "Most Innovative Project" award in '93 at the national level, presented by the Quality Circle Forum of India for pioneering work done in forming quality circles in rural India.

Gautam Brahma, M.S. (Physics), IIT-Delhi, M.B.A. (IIM-B). Has been a National Science Talent Search Scholar. Has served at Senior Management level in the Software industry with multifarious responsibilities including Head for Quality, Customer Support, HR (OD and Training) and the Development Centre.

Dileep Paranjpye, B. Tech. (IIT-K), M. Tech. (IIT-Mumbai) has served as Senior, General Manager at Eveready Industries India Ltd., Lucknow. While at Eveready, he received the Chairman’s Award for Technology Development, pioneered the establishment of Quality Circles, developed and introduced LED flashlights in the Indian market to outcompete imports from China and established Greenfield area factories in Uttaranchal.

Lakshmi Kaul, B. A. (Hons), St. Stephen’s College, Delhi; M.B.A. (I.I.M.-B, Gold Medalist); B. Ed. (Lucknow University, Gold Medalist). She is an educationist, a teacher, trainer and management consultant for educational institutions and the corporate sector. She was honoured with the Distinguished Alumnus Award 2019 by IIM Bangalore for her work in the creation of low-cost teaching/learning material and development of individuaised curriculum for children with special needs. The DAA committee had this to say about her, "She signals that passion, perseverance and untiring commitment to a cause can transform young and deserving minds and make them discover their potential". 

Jovita Lall, B.A. (Hons) (Psychology), Jesus and Mary College, Delhi; M.Sc. (International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management), London School of Economics. She has worked with HR executives across the Indian subcontinent and the EMEA region, helping them resolve their critical challenges. Her core areas of expertise include psychometric testing, employee engagement, performance management, and competency frameworks.

Sandeep Deshpande has served in the HR function (in the textile industry) in a managerial capacity with Morarjee Textiles, Raymond Denim and Indo Count Industries.

Thoughts To Ponder Over

"I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I know)
Their names are What and Why and Where
And How and When and Who."